Book A Hunt

We require a $250.00 deposit in order to reserve a date for each hunter.  You will first need to choose whether you want to hunt during ARCHERY, FIREARMS or MUZZLELOADER season.

In the case of two or more hunters wishing to hunt together, you can add as many $250.00 deposits as required in order to reserve the appropriate number of hunters.

Each hunter will be required to sign a standard liability wavier contract before being allowed to hunt.  We can mail you a contract or you can simply sign the contract once you arrive in camp.

No deposit is required for youth hunters who are hunting with a paid adult parent or guardian.  However the youth hunter will be required to fill out the appropriate paper work once they arrive in camp.  Youth hunters are required by Indiana law to hunt from the same stand as the paid parent or adult guardian.

On the page for each SEASON you will find the various 5 day hunts we offer listed, along with a payment button used to submit your deposit(s) for that particular hunt.

Once you have chosen the date you want to reserve, you will need to submit a deposit using a credit card.  Once you have completed that payment, you can wait until arriving before paying the balance and signing the contract.

You will need to make certain the date you reserved is available prior to booking.  You can call 256-566-7021 to make certain or send and email to:




If you have any questions regarding this process or the dates you have chosen, please feel free to contact us.