Affordable Whitetail Hunts

Affordable Whitetail Hunts start with Bushy Creek !
Everyone is price conscious to some degree these days. We can’t say as we blame you. We understand. No one like to waste money. So Bushy Creek has put together a package to make your dreams of whitetail hunting more affordable.

First, take a look at our prices. $1550 for 5 FULL days of hunting is pretty affordable to start. But it doesn’t end there.  No sir !

We are going to purchase your non resident Indiana license and either sex deer tag and give it to you absolutely for free when you purchase one of our trophy whitetail hunting packages.

But we’re not through yet!

If you want to bring along a youth hunter who can hunt on a youth license, we’ll let him come along with you for free.  You provide the license, we’ll provide him 5 full days of hunting for free.  And if the youngster takes a deer or multiple deer, it doesn’t affect the number of deer the adult hunter can take.  And we’ll feed that youngster as well !  And you know how much kids these days can eat !

Just take a look at the faces on these happy youngsters !  You want to get your child’s attention away from their cell phone for a few days and get them back in the real world?  Take them deer hunting and let them harvest themselves a deer !

Free Youth Hunt Affordable Whitetail Hunts  Affordable Whitetail Deer Hunts Affordable Whitetail Hunting Affordable Deer Hunting Affordable Youth Deer Hunts

But we’re not done yet.  If you get three of your buddies to book with you as a group, we’ll knock off $100.00 from the cost of all four packages.  That’s a $400.00 discount for the group !

Affordable Group Hunts Affordable Deer Whitetail HuntsAffordable Trophy Whitetail Hunts

Nothing better than hunting with a group of your buddies !

And we’re going to feed and house you, and each member of your group of hunters beginning with dinner the day you arrive, then three square meals for the next five days, then breakfast on the morning you leave after your hunt is finished,  because we don’t want you getting hungry on the road.  And we don’t want you leaving the night after you come in from hunting.  Tired and possibly sleepy and having to find a place to stay late at night.  Nope !  We want you well rested and well fed for your trip back home.

Now think about how much you would spend on groceries if you were at home.  That’s 17 meals.  17 meals that you didn’t have to pay for.

So yes, we think we have some of the most affordable trophy hunting in the entire Midwest.  And we’ve got the prices and we’ve got the deer to back that up !

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You want affordable whitetail hunts?  We got you covered !